A dark chocolate lover's choice. Dark chocolate truffle studded with sweet dark cherries layered between chocolate genoise sponge, enrobed in dark chocolate ganache and garnished with perfect Italian Amarena cherries. As with all our chocolate desserts, we use only high quality European chocolate: taste and believe!
For the milk chocolate aficionado. Milk chocolate mousse sandwiched between chocolate genoise sponge, covered in a shell of sliced almonds and milk chocolate. Our signature pastry.
Panna Cotta
Literally meaning "cooked cream", this homey Italian custard, silky and white, garnished with ribbons of our homemade caramel sauce has become so popular it is now on our permanent menu.
Smooth vanilla mousse layered between vanilla sponge covered in chantilly cream and finished with toasted blanched almonds.
Delicate and tender choux pastry with light mousseline cream, glazed with chocolate.
Pastry Horn
A puff pastry horn rolled in coarse sugar and filled with light chantilly cream.
Squares of lightly caramelized puff pastry sandwich airy mousseline cream (custardy creme patissiere blended with fresh cream).
Yellow genoise sponge amid alernating layers of tart lemon curd and light lemon mousse. (Freshly squeezed lemons are our secret.)
Sara Bernhardt
The romance of the turn-of-the-century actress inspired our heart shaped torte. Chocolate genoise with dark chocolate mousse, topped with strawberry mousse and finished in chocolate shavings.
The Italian "pick-me-up", light tiramisu mousse with chocolate genoise, dusted with Belgian cocoa and wrapped in a wide chocolate ribbon.
Black Forest
The timeless Bavarian classic, chocolate genoise sponge layered between a light chantilly cream, black cherries, topped with mounds of flaked dark chocolate touched with icing sugar.
One of our personal favorites. Fig mousse with chocolate genoise sponge. Reminds us of sunny days in Greece when figs are bountiful and their sweet nectar bursts in your mouth.
Fresh Fruit Cheesecake
Our cheesecake recipe is an ethereally light blend of sweet cream cheese and billowy whipped Italian meringue, on a buttery cookie crust, topped with a homemade strawberry preserve. This delicate creation is wrapped in a clear pastry ribbon which should be removed before serving.
Caramel Pear
Caramel mousse dotted with poached pear, layered in chocolate genoise and garnished with sliced candied pear glace.

We use the finest raw ingredients for our recipes: genuine chocolate, real fruit, pure vanilla, fresh cream, creating tempting delights that are at once satisfying, yet ethereally light.

Many of these individual pastries are available as full-sized tortes. Please visit the Mousse Torte page.